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Best part of my day

I used to dread hearing my alarm in the morning. Now I actually look forward to the surprise wake-up message I hear every morning! Please release You Up!!


So creative

I am never really awake in the morning until I get some coffee. Feel like a zombie from the time I finally stop hitting the snooze button until I get my first sip. Now getting help is much easier. Youup makes me look forward to hearing my alarm clock and gets me right up.


Pretty great

I've had trouble waking up to my alarm for as long as I remember. With you up, I've been more excited to wake up (and even more excited to wake up my friends).


Right out of bed

I can never get up to my alarm clock. I've become desensitized to the buzzing sound. With Youup, I can never sleep through the alarm because hearing my friends voices and some of their funny messages gets me right out of bed.


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A Computer Science & Business student at UC Berkeley.


A Computer Science & Business student at UC Berkeley.


A Computer Science & Data Science student at UC Berkeley.